Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Azrulnizam heads Standard Chartered Saadiq Msia

Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Bhd announced on the appointment of Azrulnizam Abdul Aziz as Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Standard Chartered Saadiq Bhd, its wholly-owned Islamic banking subsidiary.
"We are delighted to appoint Azrulnizam who has been our Head of Islamic Banking division prior to the establishment of Standard Chartered Saadiq Berhad," said Julian Wynter, CEO and Managing Director, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Bhd, in a statement released on Nov 5.
He added that Azrulnizam is the force behind the rejuvenation of the division and has worked tirelessly towards its incorporation as a wholly owned subsidiary of the bank.
He said the establishment of Standard Chartered Saadiq is part of its business strategy to become a leading Islamic financial services provider not only in Malaysia but also the region.
Wynter said that Standard Chartered Saadiq, as a global brand for Standard Chartered's range of Islamic banking products and services, made its debut in Malaysia in 2007, adding that Standard Chartered Malaysia was among the first banks in Malaysia to offer Islamic banking products as an alternative banking option in its network of 37 branches.
Azrulnizam, 38, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration-Marketing from Wichita State University, Kansas and a Master of Business Administration-International Business from University of Hartford, Connecticut, USA.
The statement asid he is responsible for the strategic development and management of Standard Chartered Saadiq in Malaysia. His key role will be to efficiently develop Shariah-compliant financial products, while working closely with the regulators and other Islamic institutions to deliver Standard Chartered’s brand promise as the right partner to its customers.
Prior to joining Standard Chartered, Azrulnizam was the Vice President, Mortgage Sales and Islamic Home Financing of another international bank. He brings with him over 9 years of extensive knowledge and experience in Islamic banking and finance.

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Wah.. still young.. where's he from? is he a son of a bigshot?