Sunday, August 15, 2010

Islamic courses to start at University of Bedfordshire

Two new courses are set to begin at the University of Bedfordshire in recognition of the increased in demand for Islamic financial products and services, reports BBC.

The courses will guide students through the principles of Islamic finance and the theory of Islamic commercial practice which is based on Shariah law

The university says that students choosing these courses, The Master of Science (MSc) in Islamic Banking and Finance and the Master of Laws (LLM) in Islamic Commercial Law, will benefit from growing employment opportunities in the West representing Muslim interests and in Muslim countries.

It quoted Tariq Khan from the university as saying: "We are based just outside London, the financial capital of the world, where there is a large demand for Islamic finance and banking products.

"Our international students, who are often from the Middle East, and who will return home to practise law, have also highlighted a need for a foundation in Islamic banking and finance laws."

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lency said...

The biggest issue of Islamic finance is to apply these techniques and instruments in a modern setting, with the aim of offering financial products like loans, mortgages or bonds, which are needed today on trade, but also are consistent with sharia, i.e according to Islamic religious rules in trade.
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