Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Launch of the Islamic Globe e-newspaper

DUBAI: The Islamic Globe, touted to be the world-first Islamic finance e-newspaper, was launched on Feb 16 by global publishing venture called Eaglemont Media.

It is a free weekly e-newspaper delivered to readers on a variety of digital platforms — from the iPad to the iPhone, Blackberry to Kindle, Android to Samsung Tablet as well as PDF.

The new e-newspaper is designed to look like an old fashioned newspaper from the 1950s — complete with yellowing paper and curled edges — to remind readers of a time when quality journalism was the most important part of the reading experience, according to a statement by its publisher.

"Much of the media that has addressed this market in the past has been filled with regurgitated press releases and advertiser-friendly PR (public relations). The Islamic Globe seeks to tell the truth with no bias and no slant," said its founder and editor Paul McNamara.