Monday, August 6, 2012

Malaysian politics is based on race, says Dr Mahathir

By Joseph Masilamany

The greater interests of the nation can be neglected in a country where politics is based on race.

“In other countries, politics is based on ideologies. For us, ideologies are irrelevant. Our politics is about race and all our political parties are racist in nature. In our country, we are more racist than before. This is the reality that we must accept,” former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Speaking at the “Politics and Business: The Malaysian Connection” forum organised by Affin Investment Bank Bhd, he said the next general election would be based on race, adding that it was “about who gets what, based on race.”

National University of Singapore assistant Prof Dr Reuben Wong, who also spoke at the forum, said that Europe will face "difficult times ahead, but things will change."

“A lasting solution will take two years to work out in the euro-area. But don’t underestimate the euro’s resolve,” he said.

Both speakers joined Monash University (Sunway Campus) professor of political science and head of school of arts and social science Prof Dr Chin and Affin Investment Bank Bhd research head Andy Ong in a panel discussion moderated by The Malaysian Reserve executive editor Habhajan Singh.

(The Malaysian Reserve, 29 June 2012)

CAPTION FOR PHOTO: (From left) Ong, Prof Dr Wong, Dr Mahathir, Prof Dr Chin and Habhajan at the forum organised by Affin Investment Bank in Kuala Lumpur (pic: Hafzi Mohamed)