Monday, February 17, 2014

TMR: Amanie Shariah Screening app from Bloomberg

By Kazi Mahmood

The Amanie Shariah Screening system app, the result of a fast growing demand for Shariahcompliant investment, will be featured on Bloomberg terminals soon, the company behind the system said.

The system is currently available as an app on mobile platforms thanks to tie-ups with Microsoft and Bloomberg, Amanie Nexus Sdn Bhd CEO Razi Pahlavi said.

Razi Pahlavi said the company is finalising talks with Bloomberg, particularly on the technology handshake that would allow the screening methodology to work on the Bloomberg platform. “Amanie is working closely with Bloomberg to have the Shariah screening available in the Bloomberg platform.” Razi told The Malaysian Reserve.

As the trend of mobile computing is on the rise, Amanie Shariah Screening has also been made available as an app on mobile platforms.

Razi said a partnership with Nokia was struck in 2013 to pave the way for the screening system to be present on 300,000 Bloomberg screens worldwide, and on Nokia Windows Phone 8.

He said the tie-up with Microsoft, a done deal, means the app is now available on Nokia Windows Phone 8 and the company is developing a version for Windows RT.

“Works are also underway to develop a version of the app for Windows RT that is intended to run on Nokia Windows Tablets.” Razi said.

The screening system will also be available on Android version, as it is in a closed Beta phase on the Google Play store, where it is undergoing testing for another week before its official release later in February this year.

Amanie, the company behind the development, said the screening apps on these platforms will reap positive outcome for the company and for the investors on the lookout for Shariah-compliant stocks.

“With this app, almost everyone can download and check the Shariah status of over 50,000 stocks listed on the major stock markets worldwide, anytime, anywhere before they make any investments,” Razi said.

Razi said the uniqueness of Armenia Shariah Screening is about its “ability to adapt to various methodologies and parameters that are commonly used in the process of Shariah stock screening.”

He said the Amanie Shariah Screening offers a future-proof stock screening system, as it can easily cater to any adjustments to the aforementioned parameters and methodologies.

It is offered as a subscription package at a reasonable fee, which is already gaining in momentum with investors subscribing to the system through the company’s website and the newly launched mobile app.

Islamic Finance Global Recruitment Platform

Meanwhile, Amanie has also launched a new portal destined to support the Islamic financial industry by providing the service of a professional talent recruitment network.

The portal,, focuses on the area of Islamic finance industry in which Amanie has a strong footing, with global connections of professional networks.

“Jobs-Islamic finance aims to place the talent with the right skills and enable the job seekers to search for the right job in Islamic finance markets globally as well as to assist employers to get the best breed of talents.” Razi said.

A certain level of personalised services will be provided by Amanie Nexus’s team to the employers who agree to engage us in this recruitment activity, Razi added.

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